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#Reader’sReview from Good Reads

A review from Good Reads
“I found this book very brave; it is a collection of real stories by real women on their experiences with violence and how they have coped. As a reader, you may not agree with each person’s way of dealing with things, but their story will still touch your heart. I found this book very empowering and think every woman in Australia should read so that they have knowledge of what a bad relationship and/or situation looks like and where they can get help.

Good Reads review

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Reader’s Review

I have personally read the book and highly recommend it. It is compelling, confronting, amazing and uplifting. These are courageous, strong and truly inspirational women who have managed to survive degrees of horror that will make you feel blessed and grateful in comparison. It really puts life into perspective when you’re feeling down or low, you realise that we really shouldn’t be sweating the small stuff. Life is too short to be feeling sorry for yourself when you look at these women and what they’ve had to endure.
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Reader’s Review-Kerry

Reader’s Review – Kerry

“I received your book yesterday and have read it
How inspiring it was a ” brilliant” read …

Here’s to the journey
Many thanks for your book and shared stories what a gift of knowledge
I can’t thank you enough I just couldn’t put the book down it was fantastic stringing together different abuse stories in how we dismiss and overlook things.

To sharing kindness through challenging times
A million many thanks this book will help many. Xx

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Reader’s Review – Judi

Reader’s review by Judi Ann Tiren-Allen

“I just read the book and really enjoyed it….should open a lot of eyes!

I learned that there are so many ways for women to be abused and broken in their lives….it can start as young girls with the people who are supposed to love them and raise them..but fail to do this. It can be through boyfriends and husbands that seem to be their hero and saviour, but the relationship is false and deteriorates as the his true colors come forth.

It’s really important for a woman to be strong and take care of herself…being able to earn money is more important than I ever realized! This book is a wakeup call for sure!

Reading Broken to Brilliant

Reading Broken to Brilliant