Broken to Brilliant

Speaker’s fees

Broken to Brilliant members and some authors will be honoured to speak at your next event. The fees that apply are similar to the minimum speaking fees provided by the Australian Society of Authors.

The payment for a ‘Broken to Brilliant’ speaker will be divided into two payments:

  1. a payment for the speaker
  2. and a donation to the charity.

Fees are:

  • Whole day (max. 6 hours) $900; Speaker $450; Charity donation $450
  • Half day (max. 3 hours) $600: Speaker $300; Charity donation $300
  • Per session (max. 1 hour) $350; Speaker $175; Charity donation $175
  • Keynotes $1,000;  Speaker $500; Charity donation $500
  • Weekly rate (max. 5 days – average 6 hours per day) $3,600; Speaker $1,800; Charity donation $1,800

Not all authors from the first book ‘Broken to Brilliant breaking free to be you’ feel comfortable speaking about their story. The authors that are happy to share their story will more than likely not confirm their chapter.

Please send any speaking engagement enquiries to the email: