Broken to Brilliant


Our mission is for survivors to mentor survivors to create positive pathways after domestic violence.

In the book Broken to Brilliant’TM domestic violence survivors do just that as they share how they are Broken to Brilliant. They have had their spirit broken from experiencing various forms of physical, emotional, mental, sexual, psychological and/or financial abuse.

Escaping the abuse, staying safe and rebuilding their lives took courage and strength and through this struggle, they endured further battles of disbelief and bureaucracy.

These courageous women are mothers, accountants, nurses, managers, models, executive managers, sales trainers and account executives. Each at a different stage in re-establishing and recovery, they have banded together to share how they have rebuilt their lives.

You will enjoy stories of strength and success as they share how to rebuild life after adversity. Their practical steps to pick up the pieces financially, emotionally and/or spiritually will motivate and inspire you.

Together they are delivering a message of inspiration and practical ways so women who have escaped from abuse can rebuild successful lives and let their inner brilliance shine.

Take action now, move forward from broken to brilliant and be free to be you.

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