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Radio Interview September 1, 2016
612 ABC Brisbane
Broken to Brilliant: domestic violence survivors relive their darkest years

In ten chapters of the new book ‘Broken to Brilliant’, ten women relive their experiences of domestic violence – anonymously.

Kate is from the charity Broken to Brilliant and has a background of domestic violence.

And Heather is the author of one of the book’s chapters.

Emma asked them why they were compelled to write about their experiences.

Radio Interview May 27, 2016

Broken to Brilliant: A QLD womens guide to surviving domestic violence

One in four Queensland women are victims of domestic violence.

For those lucky enough to escape, what next? where do you turn and how do you begin to rebuild your life?

Broken to Brilliant is a new book written by four Queensland women; each a former victim of domestic violence.

Essentially it’s a guide written by survivors for survivors.

People think once you’re out, you’re out, you’re free says co-author Paula (not her real name); but that isn’t necessarily the case.

“It’s that psychological & inner confidence and the belief in yourself and be able to take those steps financially, personally, psychologically and emotionally to be able to rebuild .”

“That’s where we feel the gap is in the long term recovery and that’s what this book is to help people achieve.”

Listen to the full interview from Brisbane Live with Ben Davis 4BC-radio-interview

Newspaper Article May 26, 2016, Madonna King

Broken to Brilliant: Survivors launch handbook to escape violence

This is a tale of untold perseverance: a lesson for our children in never giving up; a lesson for many of us on how fortunate we are; and a revelation of the immeasurable cost brought on by the epidemic in domestic violence.

But mostly, it’s an uplifting tale of how a group of women escaped their perpetrators, sometimes at the risk of death, to give themselves and their children a new start.
And how they, now, have put pen to paper to make that path a teeny-weeny bit easier for all those who follow them.

When penning their own story got too much, they re-read the dedication that now heralds the start of their book Broken to Brilliant. It reads: “This isn’t just another book; it is from survivors dedicated to fellow domestic violence survivors. May each page you turn guide you to a new chapter in your life”. Brisbane-Times-Madonna King

Pine Rivers Press May 26, 2016

Pine Rivers Press

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