Broken to Brilliant

May is domestic Violence Awareness Month

Each year Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month is held in May to raise community awareness of domestic and family violence and to send a clear message that violence of this sort will not be tolerated.

Give a copy of the book Broken to Brilliant to help a domestic violence survivor rebuild their life. We will arrange for the book to be donated to services that support domestic violence survivors. Including women’s refuges, shelters, transition housing and other support services.

The book was released on 26/05/2016 and we have received great feedback, to #Giveabook purchase from here, for yourself or a friend the book is available on:

This book has stories of strength & success as women share how to rebuild life after adversity, with practical steps to pick up the pieces financially, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Broken to Brilliant will be identifying supporters of our mass mentoring model and provide your donated book to their library, surgery waiting room, women’s refuges and other places so that women can safely access the practical stories from fellow survivors on how to rebuild life after abuse.

Don’t wait! take action now and buy a book that will reach a domestic violence survivor.


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