Give A Book Campaign

Give a Book – a book for a refuge bed Campaign
Broken to Brilliant LTD ™ is an Australian Not for Profit Charity where Domestic Violence Survivors Mentor other Survivors to create a new chapter in their lives.

The charity has worked with a group of courageous domestic violence survivors and during Domestic Violence Prevention month released their heartfelt stories on how to rebuild life after adversity in the book titled: ‘Broken to Brilliant, free to be you after domestic violence, stories of strength and success.

Madonna King has described the book as ‘a handbook to escape violence, but mostly, it’s an uplifting tale of how a group of women escaped their perpetrators, sometimes at the risk of death, to give themselves and their children a new start’. This book is for anyone who is leaving an abusive relationship, knows someone who is, or has emerged and is looking for a roadmap out of darkness into the light of new beginnings.

The book Broken to Brilliant is an example of how the charity has translated research recommendations into real life assistance for survivors. Research states that most survivors would benefit from negotiating the rebuilding experience in the company of other survivors and from having examples from more experienced survivors of what can be achieved over time. The rebuilding steps in each chapter of this book provide clear examples and actions to take to rebuild one’s life. The charity is using a ‘Pay it Forward’ model by providing survivors with the opportunity to use their experiences in a positive way that in turn goes some way towards validating their experiences and supports the healing (1) .
The Give a Book campaign enables people to help victims of domestic violence to rebuild their lives, by purchasing the book Broken to Brilliant, which is then given to clients in domestic violence refuges as a message of hope. The Charity’s aim is to provide a book for every refuge bed in Australia – a book for a bed.
There has been an excellent start to the Give a Book campaign with a $500 donation from the Councilors’ at Moreton Bay Regional Council, a private donation of $2,000 and individual donations are rolling in.
You can join the Give a Book campaign by giving a book – go to the Broken to Brilliant website membership and shop page


Domestic Violence crisis and transition services can contact Broken to Brilliant and request copies of the books for their services by emailing

“This isn’t just another book; it is from survivors dedicated to fellow domestic violence survivors, we hope that each page survivor’s turn will guide them to a new chapter in their life.”

Hashtags for the campaign – #GiveaBook #abookforabed

  1. Evans L 2007 Battle-scars: Long-term effects of prior domestic violence Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research,  Monash University to Brilliant Store

Reader’s Review – Shirley Dalton

Reader’s Review
Thank you, Shirley Dalton, for your review of Broken to Brilliant

Every now and again you come across a book you just can’t put down. Broken to Brilliant is one such book. Each time I think I will read just one chapter I end up reading 2 or 3. It’s a powerful book with many inspiring stories and full of very useful content. I am in awe of the ladies for their courage to share their stories and educating me about early warning signs. This is a must read, especially for young women around the world who are entering into the complex world of love relationships.

LA – Book launch

A truly memorable launch for Broken to Brilliant held in Anaheim California, USA. Such an inspiring passionate group of people working to improve people’s lives.

Reader’s Review – Tracy


I also have just finished reading Broken to Brilliant. What a fantastic book!

I love the tips at the end of each chapter. It is incredible what people endure in their lives and yet turn up to work and no one knows what they deal with when they go back home.

Well done to all the authors. Let’s get this book out and help others begin their healing journey. This book gives hope that there is a light ahead.

Reader’s Review -anonymous


I have just finished the Broken to Brilliant book and was blown away with the empowering stories of success and determination by all these women. As a child I was sexually abused by a family member for 40 years I have been victimized and ostracized by my own family. It hasn’t been an easy road and it certainly has been a long road to recovery. After reading the tips at each chapter realize that I myself have traveled the very same journey as some of this women. The book for me reinforces how brilliant I have become with dealing with emotional abuse and manipulation. To this day, I will never EVER, EVER forgive but I certainly have learnt to move on. So from one woman who has suffered from abuse, I urge you to read the book and embrace your journey from Broken to Brilliant. We all need to find our own journey and enjoy life.

I love the book and more importantly the stories of the women. Well Done!

Reader’s Review-Kerry

Reader’s Review – Kerry

“I received your book yesterday and have read it
How inspiring it was a ” brilliant” read …

Here’s to the journey
Many thanks for your book and shared stories what a gift of knowledge
I can’t thank you enough I just couldn’t put the book down it was fantastic stringing together different abuse stories in how we dismiss and overlook things.

To sharing kindness through challenging times
A million many thanks this book will help many. Xx

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